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Julie Vatcher Fluid Artit



I have always been drawn to creativity, as soon as I could pick up a pencil and began to draw. I studied art and graphics in the late 1980’s, the days of hand skills and drawing boards. Being able to draw, understand colour, composition, typography, photography and print were mandatory. As a young designer I was thrust into the world of advertising with pin stripped suits, braces, mobile bricks and champagne lunches – not the real world and thankfully not for me.

A move from London to Dorset brought me down to earth with a gentle bump. Since then, keeping up with technology, has been a challenge. But gratefully, I can say that I have a skill set that ranges from drawing, painting, graphic design, editing videos for my YouTube channel, and more recently gaining a teaching qualification to teach fluid art.

Artist Statement

What kind of artist am I? I struggle with the title ‘Fluid Artist’, as that limits me to exactly that. My art is so much more than ‘pouring paint’. I need to find meaning in my paintings, through a seascape or a landscape, drawing inspiration from the wonderful area in which I live, from the seashore to the soft rolling hills that surround Dorset.

I love making the unpredictable work and in fluid art, that’s exactly what you get – unpredictability. I constantly experiment, mixing various substances into paint, applying them over and over again until I am happy with the end result. Years of pouring, swirling, mixing, manipulating paint into something that speaks to me, brings meaning to the unpredictability of fluid art.

I want my art to convey calmness because when I look at a finished painting, I need it to make me smile and feel happy. My art is both abstract and representational, brush work added over the top of a fluid art painting suddenly transforms it into a landscape or a seashore.

What other artists influence me today? There are many from both the fluid art world and more ‘traditional’ artists, too many to count and I wouldn’t want to single any one of them out, as many have become great, supportive friends. But I admire all of those who have found the holy grail of fluid art, and that is finding their own unique style.

If you are interested in any of my paintings or my workshops, fill in the contact form and I will be happy to help.