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Seascape Diptych

February 23, 2021

Seascape #2 Fluid Art Painting Techniques with Aussie Floetrol Comparison. Every week I say to myself ‘this is my favourite painting so far’, then I do another one, making some tweaks to recipes and dislike the one I did the previous week! Anyway I really do love this, its subjective I know, but please understand I am aiming for a ‘painterly’ composition, showing lights and darks with different textures and effects that work together in creating something contemporary, that represents water, sea and sand. Yes the Aussie Floetrol is amazing, but if I lived for it’s affects alone, I think I would run out of steam. In these paintings, I actually combine a few different ‘cell’ or ‘lacing’ activators to produce the effects that I want in my composition. Have I finished experimenting? I really hope so! I am really not sure what to call this technique, It’s not new, I think it’s a combination of @Gail Burstyn Life In Splatters ‘Shmears’ and the results of my own experiments in running the paint off the canvas, much like you would a flip cup.


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  • Fluid Art by Julie Vatcher Seascape Diptych
    Fluid Art Seascape Diptych

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