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Autumn Landscape

March 22, 2021

Landscape Series #1 Tilt and Swipe Fluid Art Painting Technique. The first in a few landscape paintings, this little 10 x 10 uses leftover paint, which probably was a bit too old (like over a year!). So not surprisingly it did split, but on this occasion I actually think it made the painting!! Ok, before you think I am going mad, this is a landscape the cracks all went in the same direction and I used them to my advantage. If you follow me you will know that I am against the word ’embellishments’ I prefer ‘enhancements’… but something that isn’t there is arguably the former. The trees I have added have relevance, and thats my point – they make it look more like a landscape.

  • Autumn Landscape by Julie Vatcher
    Autumn Landscape by Julie Vatcher
  • Autumn-Landscape-b-by-julie-Vatcher
  • Autumn-Landscape-c-by-julie-Vatcher
  • Autumn-Landscape-d-by-julie-Vatcher
  • Autumn-Landscape-e-by-julie-Vatcher

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