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Landscape 4

April 26, 2021

Landscape Series #4 Tilt and Swipe Fluid Art Painting Technique. In this painting I introduced a traveling straight pour (layering the paint in a cup and pouring it out in a straight line). I produced some lovely effects behind the base of the tree, almost looking as if the sun is setting. Using golds and burnt oranges, this little 10 x 10″ deep edge canvas is further enhanced by a hand drawn tree that wraps around the edge of the canvas.

  • autumn_Landscape4_8
  • autumn_Landscape4_9
  • autumn_Landscape4_1
  • autumn_Landscape4_2
  • autumn_Landscape4_3
  • autumn_Landscape4_5
  • autumn_Landscape4_6
  • autumn_Landscape4_7

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