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June 5, 2020

A very special painting called ‘Remembrance’. Doing Multiple Fluid Art Techniques in one painting, seem to be the norm for me these days! But I’m loving the combination of a flip cup, swipe and balloon rolls, dips and sometimes I use a straw and blow. I originally did this for ‘VE’ day and called it ‘Remembrance’. It sold very quickly to a very dear friend, mentioned in a message at the beginning of this video. The video isn’t perfect, I’m getting used to using 2 cameras! So please forgive the sound quality in one tiny clip, but the sentiments that go with along side this painting are more important.


  • remembrance8
  • remembrance7
  • remembrance6
  • remembrance5
  • remembrance4
  • remembrance3
  • remembrance1

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