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Winter 6

March 8, 2022

So happy to show you this 48.5 x 30cm Winter Landscape. Fluid Art and Acrylic on Canvas. This is the last in this series of paintings using a limited colour palette of deep iridescent blue with greys and silvers, which really makes the sky shimmer. Lots of lovely negative space, gives that chilly feel and the hand drawn tree just has a hint of wild life!

I like my paintings to evoke a mood, hopefully this one is calm and tranquil. This painting wasn’t easy and if you watch the video you will see why! To buy this painting click here

  • Winter 6 Fluid Art by Julie Vatcher
    Winter 6 Fluid Art by Julie Vatcher
  • winter-6_5
  • winter-6_4
  • winter-6_3
  • winter-6_2
  • winter-6_1

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